Expose your research on the Internet

Nowadays online presence manamgement is very important, and I don’t just mean Facebook profile and Twitter timeline. As a researcher, it’s a good idea to expose your work as much as possible on the Internet.

A lot of people use Google Scholar Citations to list publications and citations. It’s more accessible than Web of Science.

ResearchID is a similar tool provided by Thomson Reuters. Pro: with the data from Web of Science, they provide some cool stuff in their lab. Con: you can only add the publication after it gets a page number, while Google allows you to do so as soon as the paper is online. Also, I don’t know why but numbers of citations are smaller in ResearchID.

ORCiD is another similar service, I don’t know why I would need a third list of my publications (with only two items on the list). I got to know ORCiD only because it can exchange data with ReserachID.

You can list your publications on ResearchGate, too (no citations). It is also a social network of researchers where you can ask and answer research questions. A combination of LinkedIn and Quora?

LinkedIn also allows you to add publications on profile page.

Last but not least, most research groups have dedicated websites in addition to the PI’s profile page in the department website. I also set up a personal webpage/website.

One more thing, I learned about altmetrics from this article.

To measure the impact and reach of an individual article in traditional and social media, alternative metrics or “altmetrics” track the online activity and discussions on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, in the mainstream media such as newspapers and magazines, like ChemViews Magazine, and from online reference managers such as Mendeley and CiteULike.

Traditional metrics, e.g.  a researcher’s h-index, a scientific journal’s impact factor (IF), are useful but not perfect, as we all know. However, I don’t really know whether altmetrics would make things better. Here is an overview of altmerics service providers in 2012.


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