Space and Time

I used to be very active on my blog and all the social networking services. However, after a while I found that most of what I had written was trivial and irrelevant to my readers. So one of the goals of this blog is to provide contents that are valuable for the longest time possible, which, of course, makes it very hard to find proper topics to write about. Space and time seems to be a good one.

I am interested in stargazing (I bet people did that during warm summer evenings in ancient Greece, too. Btw, Dark Sky Finder and Clean Sky Chart are very helpful) because they give me a new perspective on life. I begin to understand why galaxy also means “an assemblage of brilliant or notable persons or things”. I realized why we call celebrities stars: movie star, rock star, NBA superstar, etc. Because you can see them although they are far away. Some stars are really bright but far, and others are less bright but closer. I guess the same analogy still applies to humans.

This a flash that demonstrates the Scale of the Universe.

Obviously waitbutwhy is one of my favorites, and a lot of what I wanted to say is already there. Here are some relevant posts:

Putting Time In Perspective (and a video by Kurzgesagt)

Meet Your Ancestors (All of Them)

4 Mind-Blowing Things About Stars (This is not my favorite post, but you get the point)

The Fermi Paradox

Update on 11/28/2014

Where to find dark sky parks? Here are two relevant webpages [1] [2]. Closest one to Chicago is THE HEADLANDS in Michigan, still pretty far away..


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